Suzie checks her hair again,
it's nearly time, she can't pretend,
Breathes a sigh and steels herself
to face another day.
She steps outside and gazes down,
she'll keep her eyes upon the ground.
There is no need to look around,
she doesn't have a friend.

Children be careful what you're saying,
Words can cut as deep as any blade,
And even when the wound
begins it's healing,
Never think that scars will always fade.

Suzie hears her name aloud, her bag
is snatched here comes the crowd,
Of pretty, bright and clever jackals
who she's come to dread,
And as the children chant and stare,
spit and jeer and pull her hair,
Suzie feels herself retreat
to deep inside her head.


Suzie locked within her room,
a slient hell, a living tomb,
Watches as the rain descends
and wants to go outside.
Suzie check the door again, they'll
come back soon, she wonders when.
She wonders where she left the
key this time she came to hide.


And even when the wound begins it's healing,
Scars can last, they don't always fade.